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Why do farmers in Maharashtra commit Suicides?

I happened to visit CMO ( Maharashtra ) Mantralaya on 29th Jan 2015 to hand over the grievance of Mr Manoj Bharadwaj—his father a teacher in school. Waited for 1 hour to give the grievance to the PA. Sitting on a chair at the reception in my thought process I remembered the past CMs of Maharashtra among whom Shri Sharadchandra Govindrao Pawar who has made a great impression in my mind.This Sharadchandra Pawar popularly known as Sharad Pawar who was the CM of Maharashtra for 4 times,one tenure of CM is 5 years ,4 times means 4x5= 20 years. We have achieved freedom since 68 years , out of this 68 years Congress has ruled nearly 65 years giving BJP hardly 3-6 years ruling.In our country Hindustan corruption has spread its tentacles in all directions.It seems that each and every citizen of Hindustan is forcibly injected with a dose of corruption into the veins and arteries by so-called Ministers especially Sharad Pawar ( has a crooked face by looks as well as deeds).He is a 74 year old gentleman in the eyes of our befooled Indians ,who is also a former Chairman of Cricket Council of India, former Consumer and Agricultural Minister,4 times has held the post of Mukhya Mantri ,under whose tenure 2 lakh farmers committed suicide .Has anyone given a 2nd thoughts to the ruling of this Minister?

Early morning we get up even before drinking the 1st cup of tea we search for daily newspaper and read the headlines,what do we read on the front page of the newpaper—persons like Sharad Pawar inaugurated so and so event, Sharad Pawar felicitated for so and so occasion etc etc.

Are we so foolish are we blind to his Karnis?Have we educated class lost our power of thinking?What thoughts occur in our minds when we watch TV NEWS and read newspapers?Why do we spend Rs 7/- per day and read newspapers?By completing reading all pages of Newspapers what do we conclude?

We say Politics is dirty !Ministers are so corrupt etc etc.We phone our friends, relatives,contacts etc etc and say “Did you read today’s headlines?Did you read today’s newspaper? ”

We grumble against the Ministers.We never try to find out the root cause of corruption.If we want any work to be done we pay .

1)We pay donations and get admissions for our children in schools.

2)We pay donations and get admissions in Medical and Engineering colleges.

3)We pay Excise Inspectors and get work done for our factory/Industry.

We donot even wait and we think that without paying Money our work will not be done.!!!!!


What is the root cause of Corruption? Who is responsible for breeding and nurturing Corruption?

WE-WE- WE PUBLIC .We We We public are totally responsible for the pathetic condition of our country DESH.

We We We Public are responsible for Crimes,robbery,thefts,rapes Ill-Treatment of Women in the society,Insecurity of the Women and not the Ministers!!!!.


When we walk on the road what do we see?

Don’t we see beggars begging for food, people loitering.

Don’t we see poor people suffering for drinking a glass of water or a hungry child sleeping on the road.

We only think of ourselves,we have become self-Centred and selfish.After taking good education in a school and degree ,after reading newspaper don’t we think how the Ministers are becoming highly Corrupt and dirty and WE PUBLIC give them a chance to grow in Corruption.


The highest Corruption MINISTER and the KING of all corruption Shri Sharad Pawar who has grabbed the land of our poor farmers /harassed them and given this land to big big Industrialists,ultimately making them commit suicide ( 2 Lakh farmers committed suicide ) and he earned multicrores of rupees. In Maharashtra godowns tons of foodgrains worth more than 400 crores is getting rotten and going waste and Sharad Pawar ( former Consumer and Agricultural Minister) Poorv KRISHI MANTRI is totally responsible for this.

I heard NEWS last week that Shri Narendra Modiji our honourable PM is all praises for this culprit.

I would like to ask each citizen of our DESH a single question ?

Are there no good leaders in our MAHARASHTRA to oppose this crooked Minister ? No good citizens who think intellectually the root cause of Corruption,Crimes in our DESH country?

Have we forgotten great Kings like Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj , great saints like SANT TUKARAM, SANT EKNATH , SANT DNYNESHWAR who had divywani, Amrit wani, golden words, golden speech?


Why do we send our children to schools?Why do we send our children to Medical and Engg colleges for graduation?

So that after he completes graduation his degree he shall serve under a corrupt Minister like Sharad Pawar and dance to his tunes and exploit the poorer class( 80% of our population live below poverty line).


So My Dear Friends --- Fellow citizens when persons like Sharad Pawar and his daughter Supriya Sule stand for Elections give a 2nd thought while VOTING --- Thanks and Jai Hind.